Tag Description Example
<html> </html> Encapsulates all html code
<head> </head> Container for metadata
<title> </title> Sets the text for the web browser tab.
Is placed inside the head tag
<body> </body> Main content of the document
<p> </p> Paragraph - groups sentences and sections
of text together
<div> </div> Divides HTML document into sections
<h1> </h1>
<h6> </h6>
Headers that gradually decrease in size

this is h1

this is h2

this is h3

this is h4

this is h5
this is h6
<b> </b> Bolds text Bold text
<i> </i> Italicizes text Italics
<u> </u> Underlines text Underlined text
  <li> </li>
  <li> </li>
  <li> </li>
Ordered List
  1. Thing 1
  2. Thing 2
  3. Thing 3
  <li> </li>
  <li> </li>
  <li> </li>
Unordered List
  • Thing 1
  • Thing 2
  • Thing 3
<hr> Horizontal Rule
<br> Line Break Line
<cite> </cite> Citation A citation
<code> </code> Displays programming code printf("Some text\n");
<em> </em> Emphasis (usually italics) Emphasized text
<strong> </strong> Texts that stand out Strong text
<blockquote> </blockquote> Indents a block of
code for emphasis
blockquoted text
<dl> </dl>
<dt> </dt>
<dd> </dd>
Definition List - consists of 3 parts:
<dl> - contains the definition list
<dt> - contains the definited term
<dd> - contains the data definition or description
File Transfer Protocol
Domain Name System
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
<a> </a> Anchor (hyperlink)
href attribute is placed
inside opening tag
Lab 1
<abbr> </abbr> Abbreviation HTML
<mark> </mark> Highlights text Highlighted
<small> </small> Fineprint tiny text
<time> </time> Displays time

See Anchor example in table for hyperlink to Lab 1.