1. What are different parts of a CSS style rule?
  2. selector {property:value; property value;}

  3. What are an element selector and grouped element selector in CSS? Provide an example of each.
  4. An element selector corresponds to a tag in an HTML document, ex. p, div, nav etc... A grouped element selector is simply a sequence of HTML tags to which style rules are applied collectively, ex. header, footer, div {padding: 15px;}

  5. What are class selectors in CSS? What are id selectors in CSS?
  6. A class selector is a name given to a CSS selector which can be referenced multiple time in a single HTML document. A an id selector is essentially the same but it has the restriction of only being referenced no more than once per HTML document.

  7. What are contextual selectors in CSS?
  8. Adds a condition to a style rule that the affected element must also reside another tag.
    Ex. nav a {font-size: 15px} Only applies to anchor tags that are inside a nav tag.

  9. What are the three cascade principles used by browsers when style rules conflict?
  10. Inheritance, Cascade and Specificity.